U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Credential and Medical Certificate (Renewal)

The U. S. Coast Guard issues Merchant Mariner Credentials and Medical Certificates with expiration dates.  The Merchant Mariner Credential is usually issued for a period of five years with the sixth year being a grace period.   During the sixth-year grace period, the MMC is not valid to work under but may be renewed without having to retake any pre-requisite courses and/or U. S. Coast Guard examinations.  The Medical Certificate will show different expiration dates:  STCW, National and Pilot.  Depending on the credentials held by the mariner will determine which expiration date on the medical certificate pertains to the mariner.

Mariners needing assistance in renewing their U. S. Coast Guard MMC and/or Medical Certificate may contact Global Compliance.

We will supply the mariner with the necessary documentation needed to accomplish the renewal.   Once the application package is complete and ready for submission to the U. S. Coast Guard, Global Compliance will scrutinize for errors to avoid any delays in processing.

Global Compliance will work the renewal from the beginning until the credentials are issued by the governing agency by providing personalized attention to all details.